Liposome purification and analytic tools Liposomal fluorescent dyes 
  Liposome purification kit   Acridine orange in PEGylated liposomes
  Drug encapsulation percentage assay kit   Acridine orange in DPPC liposomes
  Liposomal drug dissolution assay kit   Fluorescein in DPPC liposomes
  Lipid concentration assay kit   Rhodamine B in PEGylated liposomes
  Liposome plasma stability test kit   Rhodamine G in DPPC liposomes
Ready-to-load liposomes for drug delivery Drug-loaded liposomes
  PEGylated liposomes with ammonium sulfate   Liposomal doxorubicin
  HSPC liposomes with ammonium sulfate   Liposomal ciprofloxacin
  DPPC liposomes with ammonium sulfate   Liposomal topotecan 
  DPPC liposomes with ammonium tartrate   Liposomal irinotecan 
  DOPC liposomes with ammonium sulfate   Liposomal daunorubicin 
Membrane protein reconstitution Ion or biomolecule delivery
  Liposomes for membrane protein reconstitution   Liposomal calcium
  Liposomal receptors   Liposomal magnesium
  Liposomal transporters    Liposomal phosphate
  Liposomal  pumps   Liposomal biomolecules
      Liposomal biomarkers
Liposome preparation systems    
  Rapid liposome maker    
  Liposome production system