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Liposome Technologies


Liposomics is a part of ProFoldin. Liposomics is committed to providing novel liposome technologies for drug delivery and life science. Our innovative IntratubingTM technology enables us to prepare various liposomes in scales suitable for all research projects and industrial production.  We offer PEGylated and non-PEGylated empty liposomes that are ready for loading various drugs using different loading mechanisms. Liposomes encapsulated with selected drugs are also available. Liposomes encapsulated with various ions or biomolecules are designed for potential delivery of the desired ions or biomolecules across the cell membranes into the cells. Liposomes encapsulated fluorescence dyes or biomarkers are used to track the liposomes in biological systems.

Liposomes provide artificial cell-like systems including bilayer membranes and “intracellular” environment for biological research.  Liposomics offers liposomes for reconstitution of membrane receptors, transporters, ion channels, proton pumps, drug pumps or other membrane proteins.

Liposomics developed various tools for liposome preparation, separation and analysis. We also provide services in custom designed liposome preparation, drug encapsulation and analysis. We welcome academic labs and industries for collaborations in drug delivery and liposome-based scientific research.